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Easy and Eye Catching Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you gazing at your space, wishing for a just moment it could be more festive, but find yourself lacking the inspo? I hear that!

Man - wouldn't we all love to have that Pinterest-perfect home... But with everything on our plates these days, it can be difficult to find the time. And often when we do have any left over - where to start!?

Here are a few ideas to bring the holidays inside - without taking time away from what they are actually supposed to be about - enjoying our friends and family, and all those special moments in between.

Try your hand at a simple wreath...

I don't know about you, but every time I go into the store and see the price tags attached, I pass!

There are a million effortless and elegant ideas to create you own.

Start by purchasing a pre-formed vine or cedar wreathe, and add elements that reflect your home and personal style.

Perhaps you'd like to add some glamour with baubles and ornaments, some rustic vibes with buffalo check and pine-cones, or woodland wonder, with small animal figurines... The choice is yours, and can be a great conversation starter for guests popping by over the holidays.

diy, hiliday wreathe, sage, pine, cosy interior decorating, winter

Lighting is key:

Whether you are adding twinkling lights or candles, creating a warm glow always speaks of a cosy and welcoming home. Try adding strings of tiny lights for some extra sparkle to your pre-existing decor, or even making your own... glue and spray paint can go a longggg way!

DIY holiday lighting, Christmas mood, cozy winter interior

THAT smell...

The smell of baking all day (even if you can't bake):

Stove-pot potpourri is a thing. Those happy holiday memories almost always have warm and luscious scents attached to them... You can create the same atmosphere by slowly simmering a few ingredients on your stove.

The smell of windswept pine trees or a turkey dinner roasting away in the oven...!? Yes, please.

Pine, Christmas scents, Cranberries,  holiday warmth

Ultimately a bit of green, a hint of glimmer and the fragrance of a fresh snowfall will go a long way.

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