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Gallery Walls - A TREND TO LOVE

Not all trends have longevity. Not all trends have stamina. But the Gallery Wall is a classic that will be around to stay.

This concept has all the wiggle room to be creative. There aren't a ton of rules (other than use a level) or notions about how to do it "right." It's not just for the art-buff or museum-junkie. You can update your space with pieces that define you - encase memories (perhaps a flower from a special day, a ribbon from a baby's first bow, or a piece of grandma's quilt), display a child's art project like a pro, or even create a space for all those Polaroids from waaaaaay back.

Check out some of these incredible spaces and pull some inspo... With the snow falling and the air outside chilly, what better time to add some warmth and life to your walls!

gallery wall, art, black and white, gloss, classy, hollywood, interior design,
The depth of this room draws you in and the pictures keep you hooked - creating some old school, hollywood glamour with simple black and white photographs and paintings. BY: Christina Roughan

childrens art, gallery wall, hallway, stairs, paint, frames, interior design, trends,
Parental pride to the maximum, these stairs showcase children's artwork in such a tasteful way - pops of color, exciting frames, and contrasting sizes make this fun and interesting. BY: Kristin Paton Interiors

feminine, girlie, artwork, college, dorm room, decor, decor inspo, gallery wall, pink  interior design
Hello, feminine! This blogger captures youthful playfulness and passion, creating some glorious visual impact. BY: @mortilmernee

staircase, gallery wall, artwork, interior design, home trends, 2019, photos, dramatic, color, black and white, renovate, renovation, inspiration, focal point, home builder, home designer, consultant, contractor
Words fail us on this one.... The frames are staggered and almost half-hazardly hung. But it feel SO right...! The larger pictures being placed higher up draw your eye on, creating even more height. BY: Source unknown

color, colorful, drama, brick. windows, new house, renovate, artwork, painting, photos,
Eclectic and funky, this is a vibrant and well-travelled mix. The brick wall creates a blank canvas for intriguing art that makes you want to pause, take a moment, and flat-out stare... BY. Hubert Zandberg Interiors

Whatever your wall space, whatever your budget, whatever your style, a Gallery Wall is a definite "do."

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