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A couple of awesome Okanagan Trails (from a local)

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's taken me some time to collect favourite spots here in the Okanagan - trails run through so many areas, creeks and wildlife are abundant, and this great city has vegetation both in and out of the forest. Here are just a few to try out if you are feeling adventurous, are new to the city, or just need some fresh air!

Myra-Bellvue Provincial Park

Tried and true, I've been visiting since I was a girl... wayyyyy back when the barriers were non-existent, and we had to bike around gaping holes in the trestles. MUCH more family friendly now - take the day and walk/bike the expansive trail, check out the old tracks and yell echoes into the tunnels.

Layer-Cake Mountain

You guessed it - I chose this because of the yummy name. Short, but gorgeous... not too steep. You can definitely bring kiddos along to explore all the layers of this volcanic land-form

Pincushion Mountain

This mountain was named after a fire wiped out all the vegetation in the 19th century, leaving odd looking "pins" sticking up from the earth. Only about an hour up, with some mildly steep sections, and a GREAT view. Also, known to be "dog-friendly"

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

Beyond the (insanely perfect) crystal clear turquoise lake views, the wildlife in abundance, (white-tailed deer, mink, black bear, coyote red fox have all been spotted), and the towering Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pines... There also happens to be six different sites of lithic artifacts sprinkled throughout the park... Take the whole day. Just do it.

Christie Falls

Creeks to hop, ropes to climb down, and a massive waterfall... A bit more gritty.. so for the truly (capable) adventurous at heart.

Canyon Falls

I did this hike with my children. Two of them have mobility issues... Just to be crystal clear: this was not an easy one.... But it WAS fun. It's a windy decent towards the first waterfall - and to be honest - I didn't even attempt to get to the second! Lots of boulders to climb, steeeeeeep stairs, and a magnificent waterfall to seal the deal.

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